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boy tied during a game of chicken with two friends and an amtrak train. cheryl hurd joins us this eving with the latest. >> reporter: it happened here along the railroad tracks. just before 7:00 this evening, a teenage boy was hit by an amtrak train. these are pictures of the accident scene late this evening. sheriff's deputies say three boys were running along the tracks, playing a game of chicken. one was hit by the train. the other two boys were not injured. their parts came to the scene tonight along with clergy. police say this is a horrible accident and they have a message for young people and parents. >> their children should not be on the tracks, it should not be a short cut home. it's very important people recognize that. this is a very rare occurrence and a very sad incident that occurred tonight. >> reporter: the streets here were blocked off for about two hours. this accident is under investigation. reporting live, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. >>> up in smoke. oakland officials are investigating a fire at a marijuana grow facility. it
the explosion from several angles. this is the heart of boston literally and figuratively. >> cheryl hurd is at the oakland coliseum where security has been increased. tony kovaleski has the latest on the investigation but we begin with scott budman who has been in touch with several of the bay area runners and has participated in the day's race. >> absolutely. there were several bay area runners represented. we spoke to a few of them after the explosion and they told us stories of chaos. >> reporter: it was a frightening scene of confusion and several cross the finish line before the explosion it went from one of accomplishment to chaos. >> maybe 20 seconds away and i'm passing this explosion and like 20 seconds later there was a bigger explosion. i turned around to look at that and it was on the same side of the street but bigger. and people all of a sudden people were yelling at us. >> telling people to clear out, get out of there. >> and so in the street people started moving out very quickly. and then just the sirens. >> reporter: after crossing the finish line tracy christianson and
the thee as adults. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us from police headquarters with an update. how is the community reacting to all of this? >> they are outraged, raj, and we are also learning that a sixth teenager is being interviewed in this case and sources tell nbc bay area that that teenage boy is 13 years old. you talk about the community. well, they are reacting tonight to the ages of the suspects. >> just so easy. it shakes my soul. >> reporter: ken houston says his soul is being shaken by the fact that so many teenagers have easy access to guns in oakland. >> you can go to district five, district six, district seven 30 minutes, 45 minutes. can you have a gun. can you get a gun for $300. >> reporter: five teenage boys between the ages of 14 and 16 are in juvenile hall tonight and may soon face murder charges in the fatal shooting of san jose paramedic quinn boyer. three of them had a hearing today on charges of murder and carjacking. boyer was shot and killed in the oakland hills on april 2nd. upon announcing their arrest yesterday, the oakland police chief howard says he's
playing field where an athlete's sexual orientation is not a consideration. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >>รง cheryl, thank you. the 34-year-old collins played four years at stanford helping to lead the team to the final four. he's played for six nba teams, most recently for the washington wi sgrch wizards a is currently a free al agent. >> the person he confided in was his aunt and she's a judge. she's a bit surprised by the crush of media attention in response to her nephew's announcement. jackson's office is filled with pictures of jason and his twin brother jaren. she said collins came out to her a few years ago but she already knew he was gay and said she couldn't be prouder. >> i hope his stats will speak for themselves, what he did as a college player, high school player, and nba player and i hope that sexual orientation doesn't define him as a man. it's just a part of that. >> jackson said she talked to collins a couple of times today and feels good about the outpouring of support, including a phone call of president obama. >> you might remember collins. he was a big deal. he a
sweeney is in san francisco where protesters are prepared to greet mr. obama. we begin with cheryl hurd on the tarmac. >> reporter: as you can see air force one is behind me. they are cleaning it up and fuelling it up for the president when he leaves tomorrow. right now as you said the president is on his way to pacific heights for a cocktail party. after that he will be attending a dinner at the mansion. he is here, of course, to raise money, but he is focusing on the 2014 election. earlier today i talked with a professor from usf, political science professor james taylor about the president's visit. >> this is all about the mid term elections trying to minimize the impacts on the majorities that he has in the senate and also to try to push back on the republicans domination or majority in the house of representatives. >> reporter: right now you are looking at pictures of mr. obama at a prior event. according to political watchers the commander in chief is trying to do everything he can to win back 17 house seats to reclaim a democratic majority in the house and senate. that will put d
to line the straet. cheryl hurd is live with both sides of the story. >> well we're live at christy field because this is the place where a lot of major events start and end here. one is planned for an hour from now now. the police is keeping of ways to keep san francisco safe and in his mind it means more cameras. >> city cameras we have some crime cameras. >> but san francisco police chief says he would like to see more cameras posted along market street after seeing how video and still pictures helped capture two suspects in the boston bombing. >> i think the the best way to go is find out what we already have and fill in the blanks. i don't think you need to reinvent the wheel. >> we captured a lot of them with our camera. market street plays host to almost all major event in san francisco. one of them is coming up next month, the beta breakers fun run winds through san francisco. it atracks thousands of runners and speck taylors. business owners think more cameras lining market is a good idea. >> it's a rough neighborhood here but the security is going to help. >> i like it. secure e
'm cheryl hurd. nbc bay area news. >> the bay area continues to play a part in the story. two players from the oakland as paid a visit to children's hospital. they visited 11-year-old aaron hern and his family. the photo is making rounds on social media. the martin ezboy was one of dozens injured when the twin bombs went off. he has had several surgerie
arrested former nursing student. cheryl hurd is live and she spoke with a man whose wife was among those killed. >> reporter: a memorial is set up here on the steps of the university. people are paying tribute to the victims in their own special way. earlier today i caught up with the husband of one of the victims and he told me that he paid tribute to his wife by praying at her gravesite. >> i miss my wife. >> reporter: and on the year anniversary of her death he says it is very difficult to continue on with a life he says will never be normal again. >> i have to show a happy face for them. >> reporter: showing a happy face to their four young daughters is close to impossible he says after losing his wife and best frent. the 40-year-old student was one of seven people gunned down on april 2 at the school in oakland. goh has been charged with the shooting. >> you see somebody got shot or somebody got killed, you just don't know what it is like or what the family is going through until it happens to you. >> reporter: now that it has happened to his family he says it really hits home when
. the flyers have their schedule by sequester cuts. cheryl hurd is live in san francisco with reaction to the end of a bay area tradition. hopefully it is just temporary, though. >> reporter: it's only for one year. and as you know fleet week is in october. and during that time the marina green is usually packed with people. with the absence of the blue angels some are not sure how many people will come out. others say it will be an economic impact. some believe it won't make a difference. >> i just think we don't get as much as we would like to get from it. >> reporter: marina president reacting to the blue angels being grounded for this year's fleet week. >> the crowds are huge but it was tough getting them here, getting them away from there. >> reporter: mandatory federal budget cuts are grounding the blue angels. navy officials announcing the entire schedule has been cancelled for 2013 including stops in san francisco, san diego, fort worth and jacksonville, florida. supervisor says the decision is evident that sequester is not only affecting government workers but cities. >> it is
. we begin with cheryl hurd in san mateo. >> reporter: trees came crashing down in this area knocking down poles like the one you see here. crews have been working here all day long. people are starting to come home tonight but still no power. this huge wind storm creating problems here and throughout the bay area. 75 miles per hour winds were clocked along ocean beach in san francisco. crews closed the great highway between lincoln way and slope boulevard due to swirling sand making it too dangerous to drive. from our chopper you can see a massive 80 foot tree down. at the height of the wind storm between 2:00 and 4:00 this morning some 60,000 bay area customers were without power. close to half of the outages were along the peninsula. >> it was a big thud. that was it. i think i screamed. my wife screamed. it was just horrifying. >> reporter: before day break a huge tree came crashing down on this home. the roof suffered the most damage. the same thing happened to a couple of homes on laurel avenue and walnut street. spending the entire day working to restore power. >> the tree fell
professional team sport. we begin with cheryl hurd who joins us at stanford where he was a superstar. >> reporter: free agent jason collins took his team in the early 2000s to the final four. now folks here on campus are talking about him in a whole different way. reaction to jason collins' decision to go public by announcing he is gay in a "sports illustrated" article came quickly here on stanford's campus. >> what i can try to convey to jason today is how much i love him, how much i respect him and how much i love his family. >> reporter: so far collins has played basketball for six nba teams in his 12 seasons. all of that did not get the attention he is getting today after becoming the first active player in the major north american team sport to announce he is gay. warriors head coach. >> we live in a country that allows you to be whoever you want to be. >> reporter: jackson is an ordained minister. he says he worked with collins when he was an announcer for the new jersey nets. collins decided to go public during an interview at his home last week. in the article
arrest for that crime. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us live from the oakland police headquarte headquarters. i know you were at the news conference. it's the age of the suspects that seems to be catching a lot of people's attention. >> reporter: that's right. police chief howard jordan is very disturbed about that. and it's also ironic that this news of an arrest, five arrests, rather, would come out on the same day that quinn boyer was laid to rest in oakland. but this is what we know so far this afternoon. oakland police gang unit has been conducting surveillance on a group of juveniles they believe shot and killed paramedic quinn boyer. police chief howard jordan said during a news conference today that five suspects are now in custody. their ages range between 14 and 16 years old. boyer was shot and killed while driving his car on keller avenue and handsome drive on april 2nd, you may remember. his car careened into a ravine. sources say the car the suspects used in the shooting was carjacked from a liquor store hours before the shooting. that car has since been recovered.
situation all over the bay area coming up at 6:30. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. the white house put out this photograph today of president obama in the oval office on the phone with fbi director robert mueller. the president is being updated on the explosions in boston. with him in that briefing, assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism and chief of staff. the white house increased its own security after today's explosion. secret service closing pedestrian access on pennsylvania avenue and putting up caution tape outside of the white house. now, the public can only get as close as lafayette park and only people with credentials can access the white house. >> let's bring in katie davis joining us from boston. this is one of the most joyous days in boston every year this happens. what happened tonight obviously so horrific. what's the scene there now where you are and what's the latest with the investigation? >> reporter: as you know, officials are asking everyone to stay home tonight if they possibly can but
will take place at cal state. it starts at 9:00 and ends at 4:00. i'm cheryl hurd. >>> in the south bay police are searching for a motive after they say a man stabbed another man to death and lit the body on fire. they've arrested steven burns in connection with the killing, 25 year old christopher james has also been identified as an accessory to the crime. both are described as transenters. the victim was found on an on ramp on highway 85 south. the victim's identity has not been revealed, but investigators brief he and steven burns had gotten into a fight before the stabbing. >>> police are wanting parents and stepped-up security. they say it happened right outside of burke halter elementary. they say a stranger approach add 5 year old boy and tried to pick him up. when a school employee intervened, the man ran off. he's tall, mid-30s, with a buzz cut and black jeans. >> it's a video detectives on the peninsula would like you to see. it's what he did before this that has investigators so concerned. he's accused of attacking a 10 year old girl in a restroom at a nearby office complex.
in the days after that attack. our cheryl hurd is at that news conference and of course she'll have a live report coming up on nbc bay area news at 6:00. >>> continuing now with our coverage of the terror in boston, this video shot by a woman named jennifer treacy who said she was running in hur first marathon and wanted to capture what coming to the finish looked like. you can see how close she was to one of the explosions. jennifer said her first thought was her family. they had waved at her earlier in the race and were trying to beat her to the finish line. >> they saw me on mile 22. i know they were headed to the finish line because ou point was to meet there so i did not know where they were. fortunately they were on the tee, which is the train, like their subway system. so they were on the train when the bomb went off. >> the boston police department is asking people to turn in any video that was shot at any point of the race. they are looking to find any sort of clues that could lead them to an arrest. >>> a shot in the arm for the south bay retailing scene and one it could certain
in a professional team sport. we begin with cheryl hurd who joins us at stanford where he was a superstar. >> reporter: free agent jason collins took his team in the early 2000s to the final four. now folks here on campus are talking about him in a whole different way. reaction to jason collins' decision to go public by announcing he is gay in a "sports illustrated" article came quickly here on stanford's campus. >> what i can try to convey to jason today is how much i love him, how much i respect him and how much i love his family. >> reporter: so far collins has played basketball for six nba teams in his 12 seasons. all of that did not get the attention he is gettingod
mateo has 9% sales tax rate. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us. >> reporter: reaction is all over the place. some people like it. some people hate it and some people didn't know about it. one business owner i talked to tonight says that she hopes that this new tax doesn't force her to close her doors. >> all of the tax has to do is go up a quarter of a percent and people get nervous. >> reporter: she has been nervous for about a year. she opened her downtown cashmere recycling boutique last year when the business climate was looking good. even though walt wallets are loosening up it has been a struggle. >> i think that until people adjust to the fact that it is going up it will be a slow go. >> reporter: this tax hike couldn't have come at a worse time. voters approved the sales tax increase in november boosting the county tax rate to 9% matching los angeles county for the highest county wide tax rate in the state. this comes on top of a quarter percent sales tax increase which happened when voters passed proposition 30 at the same time. >> it keeps up with roads and keeps things
. reporting live i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >>> let's turn things over to terry mcsweeney live near the getty mansion where protesters as you can see are awaiting the president's arrival. >> reporter: they are awaiting with a message for him and it is not hello, how are you doing? these people are upset with the president not coming out against the keystone pipeline from canada down to texas. you can see i'm guessing about 800 at this intersection. they have several hundred other intersections occupied, as well. what they are trying to get across is they don't want the pipeline going from canada to the gulf coast to go in. it looks like it may be going in. the folks here are saying even though polls show most americans support this pipeline they want it stopped. supporters say it means gas and oil. opponents say an environmental disaster. i asked the sierra club spokesman what his group wants the president to do. >> it is going to raise the price of gas in the midwest. most of the oil will be exported abroad. and thirdly, this operation is going to destroy a forest the size of engla
labor day deadline because of faulty bullet bolts. cheryl hurd is live with how long of a delay we are talking about. >> reporter: if there is a delay no one knows how long it will be. but the fact that there is a bolt problem here on the bay bridge has a lot of people concerned. >> we're concerned with issues every day. there are things that you expect to happen. you plan for that and this is something that was not expected. >> reporter: and what is being done to fix the problem of broken steel rods was talked about before the commission today. trying to get to the bottom of one problem brought up another issue. an issue of the deadline for completion. >> it is possible that we're not going to be able to have a fix done by labor day but it is probable that we will. i think the idea to give everyone a sense of the information that we know and not filter it at all. >> reporter: in early march it was revealed something went terribly wrong during the final stages of construction of this $6 billion bridge project. when contractors began tightening bolts into place just east of the susp
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